Love Dr. Koehler!! 
My parents have been going to him ever since I was a kid and now my husband and I see him. 
We consider him a family friend and he is an excellent chiropractor.  He will “fix you” no matter how bad your problem might be.

Bee R. Huntington Beach

This review is long overdue since Dr. Koehler has been my chiropractor for many years. I go in with a complaint, he listens and off we go on a treatment plan. He is funny, so it is a relaxing experience (laughter is good like medicine) yet serious about making me feel better. His staff is great and the office is clean. Thanks for relieving my pain and all the adjustments

Michelle B., Chandler, AZ

Dr. Koehler is the most thorough and caring chiropractor I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen MANY! He honestly cares about healing you. He is committed and serious about your health, especially when you are serious about your health as well. The more you listen to him and do what he says, the sooner you’ll be on your way to recovery. I am definitely on my way! Thank you Dr. Craig Koehler! You are simply the best!

Sharon A., Huntington Beach, CA

I had been suffering from such a severe migraine for 4 days, that I thought for sure there just wouldn’t be any relief in sight. No matter what I did, or tried, I just couldn’t shake it on my own. (This has happened to me before, but that time, the migraine lasted 2+ weeks!)  Not only did Dr. Koehler give me about 60% immediate relief on my first visit, he also gave me some very helpful exercises to keep doing, so I could manage on my own until I returned to my home town and found a local Chiropractor.

He also made it a point to call and check on me often, and has continued to show concern, even after I returned home. I’m not sure what type of “bedside manner” Cameron S. was expecting – but it’s very seldom that ANY physician would follow up with a patient the way Dr. Koehler has followed up with me. He genuinely cares, and never once tried to sale me anything.

I highly recommend him to anybody in the Huntington Beach area!!

Lynda M., Cathedral City, CA

I love Dr. Koehler and staff. I have had severe back pain reduced through treatment and they are great about working with insurance. Dr. Koehler knows and cares about all of his patients and does a great job of tailoring treatment to your individual needs. This is a great place to go, with patient camaraderie and a fun, relaxed office environment. Highly recommended.

Sean H., Huntington Beach, CA

I was rear ended on Sunday 27/2. My back started aching bad.. so I yelped up chiropractors and since Allstate would pay for my medical expenses I said “eh, why not” Called up Allstate and they said thats fine go check them out and tell them that its a third party claim. That’s it.

I called, made an appointment, and showed up same day. The Doc took x-rays, etc. Yelpers! Be prepared to spend some time in this place. The doc will take his time, bullshit with ya, tell you what you need to do, and then preform the magic.

The doc is a good dude. He’s really really chill. But loves to bullshit. So keep that in mind, whatever he says he’s just havin fun. He’s the fun type of doctor that tell’s you exactly whats up, no bullshit. But hey, gotta have a lil laughs here and there right?

5 Stars for being such a good dude. Thanks for relieving some pain!

Jerry P., Huntington Beach, CA

I was suffering from terrible headaches.  They finally landed me in the emergency room. The Doctors were suggesting a spinal tap to properly diagnose my condition. Thankfully, the neurologist said I should wait to see my primary care physician the next day. The next day, in my primary doc’s office he gave me a referral to a neurologist and suggested chiropractic as a potential treatment. I was also suffering from chronic stress and sinus headaches and was to a point where I didn’t realize how bad off I was until they were putting me on morphine in the e.r. for the pain. I knew I had to make a change and fast.

My wife had seen Dr. Koehler in the past and thought he was a great chiropractor. I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. The first day I went to see him, I was simply a broken man. He gave me a consultation and x-rays and we developed a plan together to get be back to a normally functioning human being. We agreed to a 5X per week intense schedule, which was tough, but not nearly as tough as the life I was living when I walked in the door.

The eight weeks following my first visit were nothing short of amazing. My headaches were gone within two weeks of my first visit. Within six weeks, I was headache free. Its been 10 weeks since I first crawled into his office and I feel better than I ever have. Its probably important to note that I am a 34 year old guy in good health.

I now live a headache free life and I owe it all to Dr. Koehler! I cannot recommend him enough!

5 Stars for being such a good dude. Thanks for relieving some pain!

Jay K., Carsbad, CA

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